Complacency is the biggest challenge.
Tody Fadell, co-founder, Nest
So, what's this all about? Historically, America and Silicon Valley in particular have been the world's innovation epicenter. We made man fly, we went to the moon, we made electricity a reality. We made cars affordable, discovered the semiconductor, put a computer in every American house and a cellphone in every pocket. So, what's the problem? Now that we've explored the whole world, that our cars can't go any faster and that we live a pretty comfortable life, we have become complacent. Our innovators no longer innovate. Today's most exciting startups make Farmville and Angry Birds. So, what do we do about it? We need to start striving for the moon again, to set ourselves lofty goals and push humanity forward.
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Innovation in this country is somewhere between dire straits and dead.
Max Levchin, co-founder, PayPal
Innovation ultimately ends up being about solving very hard problems. If you’re trying to build one more wrinkle on the Angry Birds idea, you’re not solving a very hard problem.
Max Levchin, co-founder, PayPal
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